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Pagoda - for rent


Players 2-5
Length 30 mins
Age 8+

Pagoda is a two-player only game in which players compete to build multiple layers of up to six pagodas. Each player has five face-up and two face-down coloured cards, and they use these cards to build coloured pillars and levels of the pagoda. Once a pillar has been placed on the ground floor, all other pillars placed must be of the same colour. When someone places the fourth pillar on a level, he places a floor tile of the pillars' colour on top, with this tile have coloured dots to indicate which colour of pillar can be placed on top.

Players score points each time they place a pillar, with a pillar on ground level being worth one point, a pillar on the second floor two points, and so on. When a player places a floor tile, he gains one point as well as two actions associated with that colour on his individual action board. The fourth floor tile is placed upside-down to show only one coloured dot. Two pillars can be placed on this dot, each worth five points, and once placed the pagoda is finished. After three pagodas are finished, players finish the round, then the player with the most points wins.

here is an overview of the game:

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