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Kings gate - for rent


2-4 players
30 minutes
age: 9 plus

The king is dying and the nobles (the players) try to get influence enough to be the next chosen. Influence is achieved by surrounding key locations (palace, library) with buildings you control. The opponents can erect new buildings over the ones you already built so be careful. Like in all good games there is a dragon :) It can be sent for destruction of your opponents buildings.

The game consists of buildings for each player, kingdom location cards (numbered from 1-10 - eg palace, library), the character tokens, which protect player cards and alter the rules, & the victory point tokens. The player with the most victory points at the end wins. Victory points are higher for later locations, where the initial locations offer character tokens. The winner of the location, the player with the most points once the last building is placed gains the benefit of choosing where to place the next location card. The different types of locations also lend depth to the game and can alter strategies. When you play your buildings around a location, you must consider the aspects of the location, including whether it is safe or dangerous and whether it is one of the special locations designated in the rules. Though the gameplay is simple, these elements add depth and complexity.

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