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Thief of Bagdad - for rent


Players 2-5
Length 45 mins
Age 8+

A hot day draws to a close and dusk falls over the silhouette of the city of Baghdad. Now is the time when the thieves are on the prowl.

The rich traders of the city think that they are safe in their magnificent palaces with their staunch guard at the gates but appearances are deceptive. All guards can be bribed so the thieves set to work.

Plan your thefts skilfully and win the game by making off with four of the sought-after treasures before the other bands.

Each player will lead a group of thieves and try to gain the best booty for them. But the treasure is hidden in the palaces of Baghdad and is well guarded. Therefore, the leaders slip their men into the guards corps and try to bribe the rest of the guards. The player who plays his cards the best and reacts the most cleverly to the different situations will be successful in getting his thieves and guards well distributed in Baghdad, and therefore be the first to get four pieces of treasure.

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