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Buccaneer / The Pirates - new

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3 - 5 players
Ages 8 & up
Playing time: 30 minutes
Author: Stefan Dorra

Finalist Game of the Year Spiel des Jahres 2001

Many of the pirates are casting jealous glances at the riches in the large trading ships which lie at anchor. And so plans are being made to get the lucrative booty. The motley teams are quickly put together and it is decided which ships are to be relieved of their treasures and ducats. But even the strongest captain must take care, as each pirate wants a proper wage for his work. If the booty is too small and the pay too high, the captain will have to pay his team out of his own pocket and that may cost him victory at the end.

Contents: 15 ship cards, 24 pieces of booty, 25 wooden disks, 1 sticker sheet, 75 coins, 1 set of instructions. Players: 3-5. Ages: 8 to adult. Time: 30 minutes.

In New Zealand the game is released under the title The Pirates.

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  • Manufactured by: Rio Grande Games

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