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Eight Minute Empire : Legends - new

Starting at: $45.00

Players 2-4
Length 8-20 mins
Age 8+

Build a small empire in a land of legends!
Eight-Minute Empire: Legends is a standalone sequel to the area control game Eight-Minute Empire and does not require the original game to play. Just like the original game, players take turns selecting a card from six on display. The card has an action that the player takes immediately, and actions help players take over the map – but what's new and different in this version?

- Instead of goods, cards now have special abilities, which give players unique advantages and ways to break the rules throughout the game
- Each card has a unique, beautiful illustration of a fantasy creature or location
- A modular board for increased variety
- New variants
Is Eight-Minute Empire: Legends still playable in eight minutes? Yes, but only if you hurry!

Here is a overview of the game:

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