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Delta V - for rent


2-4 players
60 minutes
age 12 plus

Rival mining companies explore asteroids to reap their mineral riches. Remember which asteroids hold which minerals, bid for the proper contract, and struggle against nasty competition.

Detail: Forty-eight tiles are placed face down in a 7 x 7 square grid, around a center tile - the space station. Each player takes five plastic rockets in their color, placing one on the space station. They also take the five bribe counters of their colors. Several contract tiles are also placed to the side of the grid, showing one or more minerals on them. On their turn, a player may do two things. First, they must take an action, including: Move rockets; Prospect (The player may discreetly look at the face of each tile one of their rockets resides on); Satellite Survey - Use a bride and look under 3 tiles; Buy a Rocket a the space station. After an action, the player may try to fulfill a contract. They pick one of the contracts & from memory, they must reveal tiles to all players that match the minerals shown on the contract. If incorrect, they flip the tiles back face down and their turn is over. If they do reveal all the minerals on the contract, they keep the minerals & the contract in front of them.

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