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Reiner Knizia's Amazing Flea Circus - new

Starting at: $33.00

Players 2-6
Length 30 mins
Age 6+

"The Flea Ring Circus is about to begin! But the cats and dogs are still deciding which show to watch. Fill your tent with the most spectators and win the game as the most successful ring master."

A simple cardgame with a circus or carnival theme. Players play cards (generally one at a time) representing fire breathers, animal trainers, clowns, cotton-candy vendors, etc., in an effort to attract spectators who, depending on what card is played, can be taken from a pool or from another player.

Cards - 12 yellow clowns, 6 pink acrobats, 2 orange animal control vehicles, 12 x number 2 cards (4 each of green, orange and blue), 12 x number 3 cards (4 each of mauve, orange and blue), 4 x number 4 cards (green), 7 ticket cards.

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  • Manufactured by: Ravensburger

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