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Chateau Roquefort (with expansion Cheesy Gonzola) - for rent


2-4 players
Ages 6 & up
Playing time: 30 minutes
Authors: Bernhard Weber & Jens-Peter Schliemann

Monsieur de Montforte no longer lives in his Chateau. When he vacated the premises, the highly acclaimed gourmet left behind a collection of the finest cheeses in the world. As the years passed, the cheese aged, but so did the Chateau. Now the mice that search the Chateau for the cheese treasures must be careful or fall into holes which have opened in the floors as the building aged, making the Chateau one of the largest mouse traps under the starlit sky.

Welcome to the craziest Chateau in the gaming world! The three-dimensional adventure takes place on four levels. At the top, the Chateau's roof blocks the view of the inside. When a player peeks under the roof, he can see the lattice of walls and rooms and send his mice in search of treasure - cheese! However, once there, the mice must tread carefully as the floors slide unexpectedly under their paws and can reveal a deadly trap. For those who can avoid the traps, delicious cheese treasures await.

Not only can children shine in Chateau Roquefort with their unbeatable memories, but they improve also their abilities to anticipate what lies ahead! Adults will also find the game an exciting challenge, again and again! it And the game comes with a double-sided board for two different scenarios!

Contents:1 3D playing area, 16 mice, 34 sliding tiles, 1 latticed game board, 28 collecting tiles, 4 tower battlements, 18 roofs, 1 rules.
This Expansion for Chateau Roquefort adds an extra tower, some tiles, a special mouse wearing a sombrero and makes it possible to play with 5 players.

From the publisher:
Cheesy Gonzola conquers Chateau Roquefort !

The hungriest mouse under the cheese sky sprints arrow fast over roofs. With its Sombrero it is immune even to mousetraps. In addition, all other rodents let it be gone well: A secret course to the storage room provides for inexhaustible palate joys. And the new siege tower is used by the rodents only too gladly for a round trip around the "largest mousetrap of the world". Cheesy Gonzola spoils the castle friends with a development of the three-dimensional experience world and offers further variety at possibilities of action, which are everything else as "cheese".

You require a copy of Chateau Roquefort to play this game

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