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Cloak of Protection - for rent


Players 2-4
Length 20 mins
Age 6+

Whether any animal on our beautiful planet has a future is determined by how it can respond to the environmental cards dealt out by the cold & sweeping hand of fate.

For thousands of years in isolated New Zealand / Aotearoa our largest browsers and predators were birds. The around 1280AD, everything changed. New predators arrived, and they swept the birds before them..

To save birds of New Zealand / Aoteaora, you need to create a feather cloak in one bird realm: forest, settlement, sea, or extinct. Trade, draw, & play, to build a 15-card triangle-shape cloak.

But whenever you pick up a predator card, your birds are in danger! If both bird & predator card have matching (same illus, same position) icons on the grid down the RHS - then that bird gets eaten (discarded). There are cards you can play that keep the predators at bay (god-cards, wild-card Pandora), and ways to draw more cards (music-note on card = pick-up). They are powerful, but occur in limited numbers. You cannot save everything - so can you still make a feather cloak?

Here is a video of how to play this great game:

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