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Formula de - for rent


2 - 10 players
Ages 10 & up
Playing time: 1 - 5 hours
Author: Eric Randall and Laurent Lavaur
Finalist Best Family Strategy Game Games Magazine 2000

So you want to be a race car driver? Here is your chance! Are you a fan of Formula Racing? Do you dream of screaming through the streets of Monaco at over 200 MPH? Well daydream no more! Now you can experience the thrill of driving a formula class car on a real racetrack! Risk-taking, anticipation, tactics and a dash of luck: These are the ingredients for the high-octane cocktail needed to win on the world's most prestigious racetracks.

Principle of the game: The goal of Formula De is simple: Be the first driver to cross the finish line. Accelerating around the racetrack is even simpler: Roll a die for each gear. The higher the gear, the larger the die used and the farther you travel. Sounds easy, right? But there's a catch! You must conserve your tires, fuel and engine, and above all, use skillful driving techniques to negotiate the corners. Push any one of these over the limit, and you will crash out of the race. Get them all just right, and you will be on the winners' podium! Blasting through a corner in 6th gear? Don't worry, at 200 MPH no one will hear you scream!

Contents: 1 game board measuring 1 meter x 71cm with 2 circuits - Monaco and Zandvoort, Holland (Part 1), 7 special dice (6 for your gears and 1 for crashes, collisions, etc.), 10 races cars, 10 gear shifts, 10 dashboards in 5 different colors, 1 pad of race sheets for 1, 2 and 3 lap races, 1 pencil with eraser to keep track of your car's condition, 1 basic rule book (8 pages) to get you started, 1 advanced rule book (8 pages) for more thrills, all in a box approximately 43 x 30 x 6cm"

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