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Gambit 7 - for rent


Players 3-27
Age 6+
Mintues 15 mins

Gambit 7 is a new kind of trivia game - you don't need to know the answer to win! In Gambit 7, all players simultaneously write their answer to the same question and place it face-up on the Betting Board. All questions have a numerical answer, so even players that don't know the subject matter at hand can make a guess!

Players then have a limited time to either bet on themselves or bet on another player's answers. The winning answer is the one that is closest to being correct, but no higher! Players earn points for either getting the winning answer or for betting on the player who does. The one with the most points after 7 rounds of questions is the winner!

Gambit categories include: Business & Economy; Art & Literature; Geography & Nature; History & Government; Pop Culture; Science; Sports & Leisure; and Wild Card. The set of questions in Gambit 7 were designed to be culturally appropriate for each specific language version.

While Gambit 7 can be played with as few as 3 players, the more friends and family you gather, the more fun and excitement you will experience! With more than 7 players, simply split into teams of 2 or 3 and work together to answer the questions and decide how to bet.

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