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DVONN - to rent


2 players
Ages 9 & up
Playing time: 30 minutes
Author: Kris Burm

Winner Game of the Year Gamer 100 2003
Winner Best 2 Player game Gamers Choice awards 2002
Mensa Select Mind game award 2001

DVONN is a challenging stacking game with very simple rules. It is played on an elongated hexagonal board with 3 red DVONN pieces, 23 white pieces, and 23 black pieces. The players must try to control as many pieces as possible by building stacks, preferably by jumping on top of their opponent's pieces (you can only move as many spaces as the height of the stack you control). While doing so, pieces and stacks must remain linked to the red DVONN pieces. If not, they are out of the game! When no more moves can be made, each player puts his stacks on top of each other. The player with the highest stack wins the game!

Contents: 23 white pieces, 23 black pieces, 3 DVONN pieces, 1 game board, 1 rulebook, all in a box approximately 33 x 23 x 4cm

Here is an overview of the game (not in english) but useful to get a feel of the game:

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