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Beowulf: The Legend - to rent


2 to 5 players
Ages 12 & up
Playing Time: 60 minutes
Publisher: Fantasy Flight Games
Author: Reiner Knizia

The legend of the great hero Beowulf originates in one of the oldest works of English literature, composed around 800AD. It tells of the exploits of a young Scandinavian warrior, Beowulf, who sails to Denmark to destroy a man eating monster named Grendel who has been terrorizing the local population. After a successful outcome to this mission (as well as an encounter with Grendel's horrific mother, the Sea-Hag) Beowulf returns home to Denmark and becomes King. However, there will still be the dragon to challenge our hero...

This masterful game by renowned games designer Reiner Knizia, beautifully illustrated by John Howe (the same team that brought you Lord of the Rings) invites you to accompany Beowulf as one of his brave comrades.

Will you become the most renowned warrior and succeed Beowulf as King? It will be an incredible test of your wits and your courage!

Contents: 1 L-shaped board and 1 round shield, 1 Beowulf figure, 2 red markers, 5 black status markers, 100 activity cards, 10 special cards, 36 square fame tokens, 24 square treasure tokens, 3 square misfortune tokens, 36 round alliance tokens (scrolls), 10 small wound tiles (scratches), 10 large wound tiles with one wound, 1 large wound tile with double-wound. Box size approximately 30 x 30 x 8cm

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