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Owhiro Bay collection

Utopia - new

Starting at: $105.69

2 - 5 players
Ages 10 & up
Playing time: 60 minutes

The rich king of Utopia invites princes from the greatest known civilizations (Persia, China, Maya, Greece and Egypt) to come to live in his city. Princes bring all the diversity of the architectural style of their civilization.

As the King’s intendant, you are mandated to welcome and look after the princes who arrived at gates of the city. Each step of city construction gives you notoriety.

The first player to reach 50 prestige points triggers the endgame; the player with the most points wins.

Take on the role of one of the ministers of Utopia in this strategy game for 2 to 5 players. To succeed, you will have to be flexible and find the best ways to accommodate and move the royal princes. You will also find it imperative that you participate in the building of the most prestigious monuments and most awe-inspiring wonders! The rules of Utopia are simple to understand, but the strategies are many and the game flow is constantly changing, making for both a challenging and extremely replayable game.

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  • Manufactured by: Rio Grande Games

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