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Monuments:Wonders of Antiquity - for rent


2 - 4 players
Ages 12 & up
Playing time: 45-60 minutes

A game of building monuments and historical sources, reporting on these monuments. In order to win the game, you not only have to build the monuments, you have to make sure that history will know them - and your fellow gamers will co-decide about it! And there are copyists, who will dispute the glory you've earned for your monuments...

The game shows monument cards with 12 types of ancient monuments like the Pyramids or the Colosseum. The game is played in turns and usually you take a "monument turn," consisting of 3 actions allowing you to collect cards, to build monuments, and to expand your existing monuments.

If you have some cards showing the same monument, you can use another action to erect this monument in your display. In case you are the first one to build this type of monument, you only need two cards - the second player building this same type of monument must have at least 3 cards. And no third player is allowed to build the same monument! Thus, playing your cards early makes it easier for you to erect the monument.

Your monuments will receive their eternal fame only, if they are part of history. Each player has 2 (in a 3 player game: 3) historian tokens. In a historian turn, you have no monument action, but only write a history about all of your OPPONENTS' monuments (not your own ones!). Monuments get famous, and the owners receive victory points at the end of the game - the more often your monuments are in such histories, the more points you get.

Here is an overview of play:

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