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Catan:Traders and Barbarians - for rent


Designer(s): Klaus Teuber
Players: 2 - 4
Time: 90 - 120 minutes
Ages: 12 and up

Delve deep into Catan! In Catan: Traders & Barbarians you'll find lots of cool new ways to explore Klaus Teuber's award-winning game series. You can now play with just 2 players! Add a harbormaster, a friendly robber, or special events. Play with a wealth of new wooden pieces and capabilities.

You can even link your games to create an intriguing campaign. Use these 4 variants and 5 scenarios to reinvent your Catan experience! The scenarios are:
The Fishermen of Catan, The Rivers of Catan, The Caravans, Barbarian Attack ,Traders and Barbarians

It also includes 4 minor variants:
- 2-Player Rules - Use the new "Commercial Chips" to trade with a neutral 3rd player. Also available online: Klaus2player.pdf
- Catan Event Cards - Originally released in the Atlantis scenario box, then subsequently released for sale separately. Replaces the dice with a deck of cards to minimize randomness.
- The Harbormaster Card - Originally released in the Atlantis scenario box, then subsequently available online: harbormaster.pdf. Gives two victory points to the player with the most harbor points.
- Friendly Robber Rules

24 wooden knights, 12 wooden bridges, 36 wooden barbarians, 22 wooden camels, 4 wooden wagons, 40 coin counters, 14 new region and water tile pieces, 120 new cards, special victory point cards and tokens, a "Variants and Scenarios" bookle
Here is a review by Tom Vasel:

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