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Parade - for rent


Players: 2 - 6
Time: 30 minutes
Ages: 10 and up
Designer(s): Naoki Homma

It's time to take part in a parade -- a card parade! Players start with a hand of five cards from a deck of 66 cards, with the cards coming in six colors numbered 0-10. Six cards on the table form the starting "parade" with one end designated the head of the parade.

Each turn, you add a card to the tail of the parade. The number on that card tells you how many of the preceding spots are safe; for each card not in the safe zone, you must take it if it's the same color as the card you just played or if it bears a number less than or equal to the number on the card just played. At the start of the game, for example, if I play a Blue 7, I take no cards since the preceding seven cards are safe and only six cards are in the parade. If I play a Blue 4, then the four preceding cards are safe and I must take one or both of the first two cards if they are either blue or valued 0-4.

Any cards that you take are laid out in stacks in front of you. You finish a turn by refilling your hand to five cards. When either the deck runs out or a player collects cards of all six colors, each player takes one more turn without drawing a card. Then all players secretly choose two of their hand cards to add to their collections while throwing away the remaining two cards.

Whoever has more of a color than anyone else -- or is tied for the most cards in a color -- scores only one point per card, while everyone else scores points equal to the face value of their cards of that color. (With only two players, you must have at least two more cards of a color than the opponent in order to score only one point per card.) Whoever ends up with the lowest score wins!

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