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YINSH - for rent


2 players
Ages 9 & up
Playing time: 30 minutes
Author: Kris Burm

Do you like challenging mind games... Yinsh by multi award winning game designer is the brilliant new addition to the outstanding gipf project. A series of mind games that are unique and original. Ideal for adults and children that want a 2 player competition to test their mental abilities.

YINSH is a tempestuous game! The players each start with 5 rings on the board. Every time a ring is moved, it leaves a marker behind. Markers are white on one side and black on the other. When markers are jumped over by a ring, they must be flipped, so their color is constantly changing. The players must try to form a row of 5 markers with their own color face up. If a player succeeds in doing so, he removes one of his rings as an indication that he has formed such a row. The first player to remove 3 of his rings wins the game. In other words, each row you make brings you closer to victory -- but also makes you weaker, because you have one less ring to play with. Very tricky!

Contents: 5 white rings, 5 black rings, 51 markers, 1 game board, 1 rulebook

Here is a review of the game:

BSG Ep 18 - Yinsh from BookshelfGames on Vimeo.

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