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Space Hulk - for rent


2-4 players
45 minutes playing time
Ages 12+

This very simple game drips with atmosphere. You lay out the corridors and rooms in a space hulk, a large disabled ship floating in space. Knowing that Genestealers tend to inhabit these ships until they meet other creatures, the space marines search these ships out in order to rid them of their infestation.

The Space Marines Terminators go in loaded for bear. Wearing suits reminiscent of the space suits in Starship Troopers (book not movie) they are more powerful with built in weaponry. The Genestealers reminiscent of the alien in Alien are naked and defenseless except for their enormous speed, four clawed arms able to rip through a Terminators armor and their seemingly endless numbers.

At first it looks like the Terminators cannot lose but soon they find themselves overrun. The Genestealers almost play themselves and the game could be played solitaire. A unique mechanism is the Genestealers have no time limit but the Space Marines have a 3 minute time limit, 2 if the sergeant is killed. This is done to simulate the fact that Genestealers move so much quicker and does add a lot of angst to the game for the Marine player.

This is an 1st edition version from Germany - it comes with all the map pieces and figures, but photocopied english rules and plastic carry box.

We are sorry but due to its size, this game can't sent with our single item small box cheaper shipping rate.

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