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R-Eco - for rent


2-5 players
20 minutes playing time
Ages 8+

A local city has a problem of un-separated trash left by citizens. Each player is a company that does the trash separation and recycling. By carrying trash to corresponding storage places, a player gets points. However if you carry too much, you must throw trash away illegally! Well, after all, your aim is to get money...

Each player starts out with three cards. When it's your turn, you put down one or more cards of the same color into the right factory. Next, take the trash from the other side of the card. If a factory has four or more icons, the person who played there last takes the top reward token (money). If you have more than five cards in your hand, you have to dump illegally 'till you have 5 cards in your hand (or garbage truck). Each card dumped is negative 1 money at the end of the game. The game ends when one the piles of tokens runs out. At game end you get a scoring bonus if other have illegally dumped and you have not, which is added to your money.

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