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Nexus Ops - for rent


2-4 players
60 minutes
Age 12 plus

Nexus Ops is a game of competing corporate mercenaries battling for control of a resource-rich world far from mother Earth. Players explore the alien landscape, mine the precious rubium ore, and recruit native creatures into their armies to gain control of the richest find this side of the Crab Nebula. In the 24th century, war is business carried out by different means.

The board for Nexus Ops is assembled from individual hex tiles so that it's different every game. The tiles portray five types of alien terrain: Liquifungus Forest, home to the Fungoids; Magma Pool, home to the Lava Leapers; Crystal Spires, home to the Crystallines; Rock Plains, home to the Rock Striders; and the Monolith, the domain of the mighty Rubium Dragons.

Each type of terrain has its own effects on different units. In general, units that are native to a terrain receive a bonus of some type when fighting in it or moving through it. Humans are prohibited from entering Magma Pools and the enigmatic Monolith.

Excluding home base tiles, the board is only 19 hexes big. That may not sound like much, and that's the idea. It's a small moon, and the corporations are going to get into conflict over resources sooner rather than later.

Contents: * 16 hex tiles: o 6 single-hex tiles o 6 double-hex tiles o 1 monolith tile and 3D monolith o 4 triple-hex, home base tiles * 164 plastic military units in four colors: o 48 Humans o 32 Fungoids o 32 Crystallines o 24 Rock Striders o 16 Lava Leapers o 12 Rubium Dragons * 18 exploration tiles * 4 Large Mine markers * 8 Small Mine markers * 90 cards: o 22 Mission cards o 36 Secret Mission cards o 32 Energize cards * 4 reference charts * 12-page rulebook * 8 dice

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