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How does renting games work?
  1. View the games available on our catalogue
  2. Add the ones you want to your shopping chart for a rental period (2 or 6 weeks -  that is from the date of dispatch until when we expect to have the games returned to us).*
  3. Complete your rental purchase (and create an account) and receive an order number and our bank account details or pay with PayPal
  4. Send your money through via internet banking.
  5. We will confirm dispatch of the courier to you via email.
  6. The games will arrive (keep the box and packing and return address/courier ticket that comes with them)
  7. Play them and have lots of fun.
  8. When the rental period ends repackage the games for sending
  9. Notify the courier (details on address sheet) who will come and pick them up and deliver them back to us. You will need to send them generally one day before the end of the rental period as the couriers are mostly over night.
  10. Notify us by email that you have sent the courier - details on your order notice
  11. Do it again. 
*Please ensure that for a single order all the rental periods are the same or you will have to fund the difference in postage from the return courier ticket provided

What the modes of payment & delivery for rental?
The modes of payment for games are: Paypal, internet bank transfer or cash on delivery.
The modes of delivery for games are: nationwide courier delivery service & pick up from Owhiro Bay or the Wellington CBD.

What exactly is your delivery service for rental of board games?
We use a nationwide courier who will deliver the games directly to your address. The postage for the games includes the price of a return courier back to BoardGameRentals. Generally the courier service is a next day service so you depending on when the order is place you may received the rented games the following day, or the next day.

What to do after you receive our confirmation email?
The customer is required to pay by Paypal, internet bank transfer or cash (on pickup only) for the rental of the games. If payment is not received with 2 working days of the order being placed then the order will be considered cancelled and the games made available for future rental.

Can you order in new games for rent?
Yes we can and we are very willing to do so. Just us the contact us game to send in your request.

What do I have to do when returning the game(s)?
The most important things is ensuring that the game is complete and everything that was in the box when you got it comes back to BoardGameRentals. An item list will be provided for you to tally the number of pieces/tokens/game money. For all returning game(s), we will perform a counter check for missing items.

What is the penalty for any lost or damage of game components?
If some components of the games go missing and can be replaced from the manufacturer you will be charged for these replacements. Due to some manufacturer replacement policies, it may be necessary to replace the entire game should some pieces get lost or damaged. You acknowledge, understand and assume this risk. If you should receive a game where there are pieces missing then please notify us promptly.

What happens if I forget to return the board games on time?
If you did not return the board game on time, a penalty of twice the rental charge will apply, i.e. 200% of the rental charge for 2 weeks per week (or part of) of late return.

What is the "Run away policy"?

If a customer rents the board game(s), but did not or refuses to return, he/she will be banned permanently and will not be allowed to rent or buy board games from us. In addition, due to the T&C agreed due to purchasing, we reserve the right to pursue any legal action against the customer.

Why do BoardGameRentals?

Well very simply, I have great memories playing board games like Monopoly, Careers and Escape from Colditz with my family as I grew up. We played these games on holidays, at family gatherings or just on a weekend afternoon. They were always fun times and have left me with some amazing memories. 

I recently discovered a range of new games that builds on the best these old classics offer but with much more variety and often shorter playing times (no more 4 hours games). As a parent, I love the idea of being about to pass on similar memories to my kids, so I hope you will take the chance to create similar great family memories by renting and enjoying some the of the great games we offer.