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How do I order and get my game(s):

  1. Login to site - you will need to create an account. (If picking up from the Wellington locations just call/email to arrange pick up.)
  2. Fill in your address details. If you live in Wellington make sure the 'State' is Wellington not Lower North Island.
  3. Browse & select any game(s).
  4. Check out, entering the coupon code TREATME30 in the discount coupon box (in step 2 of 3 of the checkout process). You will get a $30 credit towards your order. If you've bought 2 vouchers to add up to a $60 value, enter the code TREATME60, if you've bought 3 vouchers enter TREATME90, 4 vouchers TREATME120, 5 vouchers TREATME150.
  5. Enter your voucher code in the comments box on the same page.
  6. If you are spending more than your voucher is worth choose your payment option to pay the remaining cost
  7. We courier your game(s) to you and also organise the courier pickup when they are to be returned, or you can pickup and then drop off when returning.

The game I want is out, what do I do?:

We realise some games are more popular than others and that's why the voucher last 3 months so you will have a great chance to rent the games you want. Please add your name to the "Out of stock notifications" on the game you want as it helps us get the right games in to meet your need. We are getting new games every week or so from our distributor. We will email you when the games are back in stock.

I like the game, can I buy it?:

In most cases yes. You'll probably want a new copy of the game, we will give you half your rental cost as a discount on the retail price. If your interested in x-rentals we can work out an even better deal. Some of our games are very rare and are one-offs in New Zealand or are out of print so for those we can't sell them. Contact us if you want to buy the rented game(s).

What happens if I lose of piece?

If you lose a piece of the game and when can't get a replacement for free then we would then charge you the cost of purchasing the replacement piece or in a very rare situation a new game at full retail price if that is the only way to replace the missing piece. If you do have to replace a game you are most welcome to keep the damaged copy. We have rented 300-400 games over the last 2 years and only 2 pieces have ever gone missing and these were replacable.

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