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Rugby : The Game - for rent (special offer 1st 2wks free)

Starting at: $9.00

Players 2
Length 45-60 mins
Age 12+

Rugby The Game is all about putting you right in the middle of the action. The playing board is clear and simple to use, keeping a focus on the action, front-and-centre.

The board is split with teams facing each other. There are six slots on the board for active players, a field ruler to indicate the position of the ball on the field, and slots for Player decks and General Play Cards.

The middle of the game board visualises the action happening around the ball. Sure there are 15 players on each team, but only a handful are in action at any time.

Each phase of play involves each team taking one action, such as running, bringing in support players, tackling, kicking, etc, and then resolving the outcome. For example, if the attacking team chooses to run (action), they simply move the field marker on the ruler. Play then goes to the defending team who can try and tackle (action), a successful tackle goes to a Ruck, and an unsuccessful tackle means play returns to the attacker.

We are very happy to offer the 1st two weeks of rental free - thanks Zero Point Games for your support on this offer

Here is an overview of playing the bascis (there are about 9 videos on different aspects of the game):

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