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Cthulhu: The Horror of Dunwich - for rent


1.6 players
45-90 minutes
Ages 14+

Cthulhu: The Horror In Dunwich, a standalone expansion to Cthulhu: A Deck Building Game, adds new mechanisms to the game design such as allies, permanent equipment, Mythos locations, and more.

The Investigators have stopped the Elder Gods from destroying existence.

Now they have returned stronger than ever with the precipice in Dunwich, You and your fellow Investigators must work together to stop the signs that have been foretold and to vanquish the horror in Dunwich.

You cooperatively work with fellow players (1-6 players) as Investigators to banish the Elder God and his minions by using Moxie (force of character, determination, or nerve) to reduce their health to zero. If you banish the Elder God before he reduces all of the Investigators health to zero you win the game.

Here is a an overview of the game:

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